Message from President

Striving for Unmatched Analysis of Growth Companies

Ichiyoshi Research Institute, Inc. (“IRI”), the research arm of the Ichiyoshi Securities group, specializes in stock analysis targeting small- and medium-cap growth companies in Japan. Our focus is on identifying the next generation of growth companies, then swift­ly providing investors with the high-quality investment information that they need.
IRI currently has 10-20 securities analysts, each of whom is involved in analyzing small- and medium-cap growth companies. We conduct wide-ranging analysis covering the IT, high-tech, service and other growth fields. We have a top-class team of analysts, most of whom are long-term veterans in the analysis of small- and medium-cap growth companies.
The research environment is undergoing substantial changes, but we believe our analysts’ steady and persistent approach will continue to produce investible ideas and identify future high growth companies. We believe this process will also help our analysts mentor and train young analysts for the future.
We will continue to provide accurate and timely investment information on small- and medium-cap companies and discover investible growth situations. In doing so, we intend to navigate investors’ interest in small- and medium-cap markets to mutual advantage.

Nobuhisa Yamanaka
President, Representative Director
Ichiyoshi Research Institute Inc.