Analyst Team (Corporate Research Department)

Mr. Koichi Hariya
Senior Operating Officer & General Manager (for electrical appliances & equipment, energy-related)

Corporate Research 1

Mr. Hiroshi Naya
Manager & Research Fellow (for internet)

Mr. Kaname Fujita
Senior-Analyst (for software)

Mr. Nobuo Kurahashi
Analyst (for e-commerce)

Mr. Yasuyoshi Mimura
Analyst (for broadcasting, communications)

Mr. Kenichi Ito
Analyst (for software)

Corporate Research 2

Mr. Seiichiro Samejima
Manager & Research Fellow (for restaurant, leisure)

Mr. Kiyokazu Yamazaki
Research Fellow (for biotechnology)

Mr. Takashi Yanahira
Senior-Analyst (for chain stores)

Corporate Research 3

Mr. Mitsuhiro Osawa
Senior-Analyst (for semiconductor instruments)

Mr. Katsuhiko Ishibashi
Senior-Analyst (for chemicals)

Mr. Yusuke Naito
Analyst (for electrical appliances & equipment)

Corporate Research 4

Mr. Masatoshi Nagata
Manager & Senior-Analyst (for healthcare, food manufacturing)

Ms. Yoko Mizoguchi
Senior-Analyst (for construction and real-estate)

Mr. Masao Yoshida
Senior-Analyst (for pharmaceuticals)

Ms. Yumiko Kai
Analyst (for transportation, warehouse)

(As of July 1, 2020)